Wine Corks


This is one day’s worth of corks for us. How about you?

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Stylish Wine Corks Mask from Phoenix Raising Art.

This stylish three layer mask features wine corks. Whether you like Cabernet, Chardonnay or any of the many other grape varietals, this fashionable front will let the world know that you love your wines. You’ll also keep out that harsh sediment with our Filti brand filter. Oh, that works well on Covid too.

Our “What’s in my mask” page will show you the components of your mask:

And, Carmen will show you how to wear your mask:

If you’ve ever wondered why we need to wear a mask and what types of masks are better, don’t worry. Carmen Uriarte has already done the research for you. For starters, a surgical mask really doesn’t do much to keep out the Covid virus. Those masks are designed mainly to keep a surgeon from contaminating the field, not for keeping the surgeon safe from the patient.

Next, are the polyester masks. The single layer polyester mask doesn’t do much either. The smooth poly fibers do very little to keep Covid out. Even with a tight weave, there are gaps in the fibers of your polyester mask. And, some studies suggest that those polyester gaiters are less effective at keeping your germs away from others than nothing at all. As you breathe out, the gaiter will disperse your breath rather than trap it.

All of the Phoenix Raising Art masks have three layers of cotton fabric. The nature of cotton is that it is rough and can trap the Covid Virus in the fibers rather than let it through to your lungs. Plus, the rough nature of cotton helps to physically rip the virus apart, thus disabling it. We also add an N95 filter material to sit in a pocket between layers of cotton. Thus, you get three layers of cotton plus a filter to keep Covid (and other germs) out of you.

We also include a metal strip to conform around your nose to form a better seal.

Last, think of those elastic straps pulling on your ears. Our masks have soft cords held by a clasp in the back. Elastic will lose its stretch, our straps will not.

Carmen has researched each of these aspects and chosen the option that will make her masks the safest that she could. And, if you know Carmen, you know that she will also choose to make that safety stylish. She would rather stay home than to go out in public safe, but ugly.

Be safe, be stylish, be fabulous in your Wine Corks Mask.



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