Why our masks are better

I‘m so excited you have purchased my premium Art Mask. I started making masks for my daughter who is an x-ray technologist & the PPE supplies were limited. I couldn’t sleep worrying about her. So I researched the heck out of the evolving knowledge that is available from scientific data and recommendations from health agencies. So you are wearing a quality mask I made to keep my daughter safe in a hospital setting early in the Covid-19 pandemic when they had to resort to extreme tactics to make limited resources last and keep them healthy. The mask style gives full coverage and is fitted to the face. It’s also adjustable to make sure it fits your face.The three layers of tightly woven cotton, nose wire, single tie & Filti filter ( https://filti.com/face-mask-protection/ ) will support your efforts to stay healthy while we continue to fight the virus. You can even convert or combine the single tie to make it more comfortable. I also made it available in LOTS of styles. Because I wanted everyone to feel like they looked good even while they were being safe with their friends, at work, school or doing errands. So whether you like cats, dogs, flowers, PRIDE, dragons, motorcycles, the Dodgers or Mickey or something subtle and professional I have a pattern for you. And don’t forget to wash your damn hands. Also, I am so grateful for your support of my one woman living room sweatshop. Purchasing mindfully from local artists & small businesses like LB Swag ( https://lbswag.com/ ), helps our economy recover, keep independent stores open & help us all thrive during these very strange times.

Carmen will explain how to wear your mask. Also, if you know Carmen Uriarte, you know that she has done her research. Our masks use cotton fabrics because cotton is more effective at keeping out Covid that man made materials. The rough edges and fibers in cotton trap Covid while the smooth edges of polyester let it through. Just as carmen says at the end of this video: “be safe.”

Our masks are better than regular masks because we add extra layers and features:

Each mask has three layers of cloth. You get the fashionable outer layer that you love and others will fawn over. You get two inner layers that form a pocket for your N95 filter material. (Or any other filter that you choose)

You also get a cloth strap with a cord lock on it. This holds the mask against your face without tugging on your ears. You can make this as tight or loose as you like. And, this keeps you from losing your mask or having to stuff it in a dirty pocket.

You also get a metal nose strip that molds the top of the mask to your nose.

All of these add up to a superior mask that protects you from others much better than surgical masks or gaiters.