More Mask Information

What is a “Fussy Cut”? A “fussy cut” is a specific cut that places an image in a specific spot. Many of our textiles have larger images that do not repeat in a mask. Thus, we need to make a cut that puts a defined part of the graphic on the mask. If you see a mask that really isn’t a pattern, and would like a particular character or dog breed on the front of your mask, let us know.

What is the filter material in my mask? This link will show you the filter that is included with your mask:

Flannel – You’ll see several references to flannel on our masks. A flannel outer layer is a little thicker and will trap more air. It holds in heat a little more than regular cloth, so if you are in a warm area it may be a little uncomfortable. However, when the weather gets cold you may welcome the extra heat.

Can I wash my mask? Yes, take out the filter material, remove the nose clip and place the mask inside a delicates bag. Wash in cold water and dry on low heat.

Do you have more questions?

A few of the reasons our masks are better and safer than most. How to care for your mask, what filter is in our masks and a few others thrown in for good measure. Aside from these safety facts, our masks are also stylish and fashionable.